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Changes to the OHDS Board of Trustees

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

At the July Meeting, President Christianna Harvey announced that she would be stepping down as Board President, but wished to remain on the board. Christianna and Keith will be welcoming a new baby in early September and they need to focus on that and other priorities. We wish the best of luck to the Harvey family and thank Christianna for all her hard work as President. Former Vice-President John Bognar has taken on the duties of President and Trustee Doug Euth has been elected Vice President.

Another change to the Board is the departure of Trustee Andy Snow. Due to Andy?s relocation out of the District, the Trustees had to reluctantly accept his resignation from the board. We wish Andy the best of luck and hope he will not stray too far from the District. Filling in the position created by Andy, the Trustees are delighted to welcome Andrea Tinch back to the board. Taking over Andy?s responsibilities as Secretary will be Kane Dorfler.

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