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About the Oregon District

Thirty years ago the people of Oregon were described as courageous pioneers. And they were proved to be very right. Overcoming neighborhood blight they forged ahead with bricks and mortar to revive Dayton튠 oldest neighborhood. Today Oregon is one of the most spirited, vitally alive communities you젦ind in the area. You젳ee superb examples of art and architecture past and present. The district teems with historical buildings, antique shops, caf钳, parades, a comedy club, Ohioଡrgest Halloween party, picnics in the park, street vendors, musicians, and a unique Rock Climbing Gym - Urban Krag.

The Restaurants

Some of Dayton୯st acclaimed restaurants are here. You젥njoy the finest seafood at Jay쯡>...with dishes like soft shell crab, shrimp and pasta...all fresh fish flown in daily. The atmosphere is charming and includes the most elegant bar in the whole region. At Pacchia just around the corner you젦ind exotic pizzas wonderfully inventive and tasteful...served in a semi-formal atmosphere including white table clothes and original rotating art displayed on the walls. Try Caf頂oulevard, where you will experience the atmosphere of a European sidewalk cafe, and taste cuisine from around the world. There are over 16 bars and restaurants to select from!

Take a few hours to dine and shop in this charming area and you will know that the most pleasant travel experiences often come in very small packages. Enjoy lunch at Oregon Express, known for their delicious pizza or artichoke sandwiches and a view of the trains that pass through Oregon daily or have a cup of coffee at Oregon Emporium. Then experience shopping at shops like Goodwill, Feathers, or Shannonӡlon for an antique or bargain.


Deciding where to stay near Oregon poses a happy dilemma. You can choose the grand and opulent Crown Plaza or a small and cozy bed and breakfast such as My Grandfather's Garden or the Inn Port Guesthouse. Much has been said about Oregonਯspitality and it࡬l true. Oregonites are at ease with visitors and often their lovely homes are open for tours in the fall and at Christmas time. They are proud of their neighborhood and anxious to get to know you. Knock on the door for a closer look and often you will be welcomed in or...stroll through the brick streets and view the many beautiful gardens.

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