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Memorial Day Picnic

Monday, May 28, 2001

The first Picnic of the Summer of 2001 was held on Memorial Day. More than 60 neighbors gathered for good food and fun. A toast was raised to bid farewell to our long-time neighbors, Chuck and Linda Settles.

Photo by Andy Snow

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An ?Unsettling? Event

by Shelley Tarleton

Chuck and Linda,
our neighbors the Settles,
are taking their things,
including their ?pedals?.
Its very ?unsettling?,
but they?re going to go;
before very long,
they?ll leave O-hi-o!
Come help send them off
as they pack for the coast;
at the May 28 picnic,
we?ll raise up a toast.
Come to Newcom Park
where we?ll celebrate.
we will gather at five;
try not to be late!
The main dish will be sausage--
your dish is ?pot luck?;
bring your plates, drinks and chairs
and a wish for Linda and Chuck!

Chuck & Linda Settles
Oregon District Residents
June 1992 to June 2001
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