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Park and Entranceway Planting and Cleanup

Saturday, May 21, 2005

On Saturday, May 21, approximately 18 residents gathered with tools in hand at Newcom Park and the entranceways to weed, trim, plant and mulch. Please take a moment to admire their hard work as you tour and enjoy the neighborhood.

After weeding and trimming, over 20 flats of flowers provided by the City were planted and two truck loads of mulch were spread.

Please remember that monthly "garden parties" are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:30. See the Events page for exact dates, and to request email reminders. Come join the fun!

A special thanks goes to Monica Snow, Park Beautification Committee Chair, for coordinating this event. Thanks also to these volunteers who devoted part, if not all, of their day toward making the day a success: Shelley Tarleton, Janet Neu, Kris Rankin, Ann Williams, Betty Dodds, Marion Kendig, Jim Houdeshell, Jill Buzzard, Ted Christian, Steve Riflfle, Doug Euth, Bambi Smith, George Wymer, Susan Stone, Robin Feather, Harlene Holland and Laura Painter.

With planting complete, these volunteers joined those of the Great Oregon District Clean Up as they all gathered around the gazebo for hot dogs and pop provided by Karl Williamson, owner of Urban Krag. Thanks to Chef Ray whose skills at the grill go unchallenged.

Thanks to Denny Neu for providing the photographs below

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