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Annual Dinner

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The 2005 Annual Dinner was held at the Dayton Racquet Club.

Board Elections

The evening saw the election of three new trustees: Rob Jones, Richard Skelton, and Monica Snow. Congratulations and thanks to all who ran in this year's election!!

Outgoing Trustees

The following individuals were recognized for their service on the Board of Trustees for the past three years: Rob Jones, Leslie Gonya, and Shawn Eitniear.


There were three awards presented at the Dinner. The Golden Hammer Award was given to Mike Martin and Kamela Kordick for the renovation of a house on Jones St. The Golden Rule award was given to Rob Jones for bringing together volunteers to work at the House of Bread. The Golden Mouse Award was given to Scott McFarlane for his work on the Oregon District web site.

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