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Neighborhood Golf Outing

Saturday, September 14, 2002

This year's event was held on September 14 and was a rousing success. More of the Historic Districts took part in both events than had participated last year. The morning started off at Community Golf Course, where the weather was perfect for a round of golf. Fourteen teams teed off for the coveted St. Anne's Hill Cup. Last year's winner, McPherson Town, fielded three teams, as did Oregon and St. Anne's Hill. Teams also participated from Huffman, South Park, Grafton Hills, Wright Dunbar. One of our sponsors, National City Bank entered a team. Alas, the Oregon teams finished out of the money. Our best showing was a fourth place finish with a net score of 60. The winning team, McPherson Town, again took the honors with a low score of 56, followed by Grafton Hills 57, and Huffman 58. Wait till next year.

The Street Party was held in the Wright Dunbar Historic area. Many of the folks took the opportunity to take a walk around and see what is happening. Since the Rehabarama, many other homes are undergoing renovation. Thanks to the residents for welcoming us and making us feel at home!

Over 150 folks took part in this part of the day. Live music was provided by "Wild Water" and we were protected by a tent cover. However, the bees did seem to find their way into the area. Food was prepared by "Smokin Joe's" and there was more than enough for the hardiest eater. The afternoon ended with the golf awards and awarding a number of door prizes to those present. To those who didn't come you missed a great afternoon. A big THANK YOU to our own Oregon neighbors who worked hard on putting this together and ensuring that Oregon was well represented: Christianna Harvey, who was on the Committee representing Oregon; Keith Harvey, who put the golf teams together; Fred Niles, who went out and found hole sponsors; and Ray Griffin, who was also on the Event Committee.

The Event Committee will be meeting in the near future to evaluate the event and see what funding can be donated to each of the Historic Districts that participated. At a minimum each District golf team will receive $8 and each dinner ticket sold will receive a $2 rebate. A report will be made at a future OHDS monthly meeting.

- Ray Griffin

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